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About Us

A tradition of customer service.

The Coringrato Insurance Agency was founded in 1953 by Ed Coringrato who started the Agency with an office in his home. Ed’s daughters, Jane O’Malley and Joan Shafer, grew up with the business and today are the Agency’s owners. Ed, Jane and Joan have always been committed to servicing their clients in a professional and efficient manner and pride themselves on growing their Agency primarily through client referrals.


Today, the Agency is as focused on customer service as it was in its beginnings. Built on word-of-mouth referrals from very satisfied customers, we continue to really get to know our clients, understand their life situations today, and how things will change in the months and years to come, so we can help them be prepared.


We believe our success in carrying out our “keep the customer first” philosophy is best demonstrated by our ability to retain clients, and by our clients referring their familyand friends to our agency.

About the olive branch ...


The olive branch in our logo represents

our belief in traditional values. It’s been

a symbol of wisdom since ancient

times, and wisdom is what we hope

guides all our decisions.


Olive trees live thousands of years.

A 1600-year-old tree in Crete still bears

fruit that’s made into high-quality oil.


Olives were preferred by the ancients

as the perfect food — not the prettiest,

not the sweetest — just the best.


Olive leaves crowned the victors in games and war. We work hard to make sure

all our customers feel like winners.


Olive oil was used in the “eternal flame”

of the original Olympic Games.

Jane O'Malley

Jane earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Muhlenberg College and an MBA in Finance from the University of Pittsburgh.


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Joan Shafer

Joan earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration-Accounting from Bloomsburg University and an MBA in Marketing from St. Joseph’s University.

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Ettore Coringrato 


Cindy Keglovits


Sarina Shander

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